Monday, June 22, 2009


After the Stockholm Conference on 5th-16th of June 1972, an Environmental Quality Act was debated in the Parliament and it was gazette as the Environmental Quality Act in 1974. Why must they debate on the environmental law and legislation? It is because the environmental law is too important to our life especially to our future generation.

Look at one situation during the Renaissance era at Europe. At that time also we called the Industrial Revolution where the people inquire to make an establishment to their country. The establishment process is good for them at that time where they want to improve their life. We can see them eager to colonize the other country and also doctrines people outside about their idealism. They free to do anything as long as it is good to themselves especially to their economy.

During the Industrial Revolution, they create new thing according to the new technology. They build motorcar, aeroplane, factory and the others thing that actually contributed to the problem in our environment. People at that time do not think about the future generation and the sustainability of the environment. What they done just to fulfill their want.

The bad effects of the Industrial Revolution are they build too many factories uncontrolled that contributed to the air pollution. They also create motorcars that also contributed to the air pollution. Where at that time they do not focus about the fuel burning that can caused air pollution and others. They also open land for agriculture uncontrolled that caused them burned the forest and others.

From the short history that I’ve tell above can be the strong evidence why the environmental law is important. It is normal to the human being when they want more than what they can get. Human being is synonyms with the word ‘GREEDY’. Greedy make them forget what they should done. This bad attitude cause too much destroyed in our world. There is also no law and regulation that the society can follow during the Industrial Revolution. That is the major problem at that time.

The law is important. But the law that created for the importance of some side or groups should be annulled. While the environmental law that have gazette should be followed by the society. Just think about our future generation and we will do the good manners to our environment.

For the conclusion, I can say that the environmental law is too important. Even though I’m not writing down the Environmental Quality Acts (1974) here, I hope all can understand why the environmental Law is too important according to the short history that I wrote above about the effects of the Industrial Revolution. Men are both creature and moulder of his environment. So, think and choose what you want to your environment.

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